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trilogy of short pieces

Physical Puppet Theatre

Length: ShortStories: 60 minutes

ALIAS: 15 min, Nonna(s) don’t cry: 20 min, Le troisième Pas: 25 min.

Recommended Age: All public (+6)

ShortStories is a trilogy of short pieces at the crossroad of contemporary dance, physical theatre and puppetry. Based on a physical and organic vocabulary, DÍRTZtheatre invites the spectator to dive into a poetic universe of metamorphose where our notion of reality is shaken in a subtle and unexpected way. Each part of the trilogy creates a different encounter between human body and a puppet, revealing with sensitivity themes such as identity, the process of getting older and the question of interdependence within relations.

The three pieces can be shown separately from each other or within one piece. The pieces are adapted to inside or outside venues.

ALIAS  | 15 minutes


Sensitively and sensually laying himself bare, Alias unveils a man trying to free himself from his own shells and embarks on a journey to discover his "other" self, hidden well inside him. 

Nonna(s) don’t cry | 20 minutes


Poetic tribute to the process of getting old and an invitation to broaden our different perceptions on generations. A solo that transforms quietly into a physical dialogue between two women of different age, between two generations, between the past, the presentand the future. 

Le troisième Pas  |  25 minutes


Le troisième Pas ( the third step) reveals a relationship between two dancers/ puppeteer and one puppet. The three bodies find themselves in a constant transition between solo, duo or trio. Taking a physical vocabulary as a motor, the piece reveals with humor and sensitivity our longing for belonging , our interdependency  and the complexity of finding its place within a trio.



Avec l’AIDE A LA CRÉATION de la Région OCCITANIE et du Département de l’Aude et SPEDIDAM.

COPRODUCTIONS La verrerie d’ Alès/PNC occitanie (30) , Espace Culturel de Ferrals les Corbières (11), ArtVivant11 (11), La Ville Billom (63), Odradek/Compagnie Pupella-Noguès (31), Les Quinconces, Théâtre de Vals les Bains (07), L'Estive, Scène Nationale de Foix et de l'Ariège (09), L’Espace Catastrophe (Be)

SOUTIENS Festival Mondial des Théâtres des Marionnettes (08), Wolubilis (Be), Turbul (30) Usinotopie (31), Le Cellier de Felines Minervois (34), Alma d’Arame (Pt),Vesseaux mère(07)

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