Nonna(s) don't cry

To our mothers,

The mothers of our mothers,

The mothers of our grandmothers

who carry us and who we carry inside of us



Nonna(s) don't cry is a poetic homage to the process of getting old and an invitation to broaden our different perceptions on generations.
A solo that transforms quietly into a physical dialogue between two women of different age, between two generations, between the past, the present and the future.
Nonna(s) don't cry decomposes the borders between puppetry, dance and physical theatre and reveals to the spectator another dimension of reality.

Concept:  Jolanda Löllmann , Charlie Denat
Interpret: Jolanda Löllmann
Fabrication Puppet: Jolanda Löllmann
Costumes: Cinzia Derom

création lumière: Floriane Malinski

Nonna(s) don't cry is part of the trilogy Shorstories, a project of short pieces that combines puppetry, contemporary dance and physical theatre. Shortstories is supported by Département Aude|  L’Espace Catastrophe (Be)-Co-production| La Verrerie d’Alès/PNC Occitanie (30)-Co-production| Espace Culturel de Ferrals les Corbières (11)-Co-production| La Ville Billom (63)-Co-production| Occitanie en scène | Odradek/Compagnie Pupella-Noguès (31)| Festival Mondial des Théâtres des Marionnettes (08)| Wolubilis (Be)| Turbul (30)| Usinotopie (31)| Le Cellier de Felines Minervois (34)| Alma d’Arame (Pt)| Studio Dyptik(42)