A head
That hasn’t been spared by the bumpy road of life.
Shoulders hardly strong enough to hold up the weight of existence.

A tyrannical and insensitive ego.
A wind that blows and brushes us,
A wind that strips us

Sensitively and sensually laying himself bare, Alias unveils a man trying to free himself from his own shells and embarks on a journey to discover his "other" self, hidden well inside him.
Behind the mask we catch a glimpse of the man, a being of flesh and blood.

And who’s hiding beneath the man ?


Concept: Charlie Denat , Jolanda Löllmann
Intrepret: Charlie Denat,
Fabrication Mask: Charlie Denat
Costumes: Cinzia Derom

Création lumière: Floriane Malinski


Alias is part of the triology Shorstories, a project of short pièces
that combines puppetry, contemporary dance and physical théâtre.
Shortstories is supported by
Département Aude| L’Espace Catastrophe (Be)-Co-production| La Verrerie d’Alès/PNC occitanie (30)-Co-production| Espace Culturel de Ferrals les Corbières (11)-Co-production| La Ville Billom (63)-Co-production| Occitanie en scène | Odradek/Compagnie Pupella-Noguès (31)| Festival Mondial des Théâtres des Marionnettes (08)| Wolubilis (Be)| Turbul (30)| Usinotopie (31)| Le Cellier de Felines Minervois (34)| Alma d’Arame (Pt)| Studio Dyptik(42)