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„Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited.

Imagination encircles the world.”

Albert Einstein

Our research allowed us to discover the complementary aspect between dance, circus and puppetry. DÍRTZtheatre is proposing different workshops based on the mouvement in order to share our experience and to confront our tools of creation towards a variety of people. As a interdisciplinary company , DÍRTZtheatre is developing a mouvement language based on physical theatre, contemporary dance and manipulation of puppets, objects or bodies. The imagination, the connection to the floor as well as the partnering work are important elements in their approach to movement and to puppetry. 

The workshops are adaptable to children and adults in the professional as well as amateur field. 

Upcoming workshops

11 & 12 Décembre 2021 Pied au Planches, Largentières ( 07)

Object/ Danse

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05 & 06 Février 2022  Saison Culturelle Cazals Salviac, L’Arsenic, Gindou (46)

Object / dance

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