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The DÍRTZ Theatre was born in 2018 at the initiative of Jolanda Löllmann and Charlie Denat, artists navigating the frontiers of dance, circus and puppetry. Established in Ardèche since 2021, the company is an associated artist with the Théâtre les quinconces - Vals les bains (07) and L'Arsenic (47) for the 2021/2022 season.
The company performs at a local, national and on an international level. It participates in several territorial projects and an educational activity for a professional and amateur/students audience. Created in 2021, their first project, ShortStories is a triptych of short forms for theaters and outdoor venues. ShortStories is melting dance and human size puppets, human and object bodies, manipulators and manipulated in a subtly and unexpectedly way. With a touch of humor and poetry their universe gives place for
the imaginary and metaphors. Inspired by somatic techniques of the sensitive, their work is characterized by a great attention to movement, a pronounced taste for precise manipulation, all at the service of a humanity revealed by the puppets.

Team of DÍRTZtheatre
NONNA(S) DON'T CRY  Portrait.jpg

Jolanda Löllmann

Founder of DÍRTZtheatre


Jolanda Löllmann is working as a physical performer in the fields of dance, circus and physical theater. After her dance studies at Fontys in Tilburg, the Netherlands, and the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp, Belgium, she has worked with various choreographers such as Constanza Macras/Dorkypark, James Wilton , Clara Andermatt, Company IDEM, DeDansers, Truus Bronkhorst and Lina Limosani. In 2013 she toured with the circus collective Le Cirque du Platzak throughout Europe. In her work Jolanda uses her research in Acrobatics, Voice work, Puppetry and Mask as well as various bodywork techniques in order to construct a dialogue between different performing arts.

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Alexandra Daigneau


Alexandra has already lived a few of her 7 cat lives...
After working and being engaged in different frameworks such as fair trade, international solidarity projects, local development,  territorial civil service and parliamentary commitments, she became administrator for theatre companies .

In the pas years she has collaborated with the company Ladgy Prod and with Lardenois et cie. 

She joined the Dirtz Théâtre team in June 2019.

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Charlie Denat

Founder of DÍRTZtheatre


Charlie Denat started his artistic education by playing playmobil during 15 years. Not able to stop creating stories and characters he went on studying theatre at the conservatory of Nantes and then joined the Circus school of Geneva before co-founding the Company La Berlue in 2006.

In 2010 he joined the Cubitus de Manchot Company for a 4-year tour. Currently he is based in Belgium where he is collaborating with the dance company and explores a more contemporary approach to creation. For the past ten years he has been exploring the relationship between movement, emotions and meaning. Using circus as well as theatre, dance, object manipulation or puppet, he develops a minimalistic theatre focused on movement and intention.

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Sarah Gaillet

Chagée de diffusion

After receiving her diplome at the " faculté de Philo et Lettres à l'Université Libre de Bruxelles, Sarah follows her professional parcour of formation at the " Kleine Academie, International Academy for Theater and Creation" . After the experience of leading her own theatre compagnie, she decides to go on towards educationl and cultural transmission .  In the same period she starts to work with several companys as production manager.  (Cie des Six Faux Nez, Cie En Chantier(s), …).

In 2020 she joins DÍRTZtheatre as production manager and animator for workshops in Philo/Art.

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