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Physical Puppet Theatre

Espace Catastrophe | mars 2019


Masterclass Theatre du Jour , Agen | mars 2020

DÍRTZtheatre is opening the doors to its laboratory. 

A workshop to experiment how to melt mouvement ( physical theatre & dance) and manipulation of puppets/objects together. How can these two approaches be associated and nourish our imagination? We share our tools to develop an individual movement language which we put in relation with a puppet . How can a puppet help us to enrich our physical vocabulary and capacities and how can mouvement enrich the expression of a puppet/ object. 

Through this workshop we encourage the participants to get conscious of their physical potential , taking the mouvement as a source of inspiration for the puppet/object manipulation. 

Practical Information:

The workshop is suitable for adultes or youngsters expressing a high motivation.

Depending the format and the specific needs, the company can bring pedagogical puppets for the workshop. 


Depending the number of participants ,the workshop is give by one or two artists .

(Jolanda Löllmann & Charlie Denat).


The workshop can be hold in French or in English. 

The duration of the workshop can be adapted.

For more information please contact us. 

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