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Acrobatic Dance Theatre

This workshop is ment to melt together acrobatics, contemporary dance and physical theatre. Every session balances between a technical part and a time dedicated to improvisation. The workshop proposes different tools to find fluidity and an individual language between acrobatics and contemporary dance, taking the emotions as a motor as well as an echo of the mouvement. The second part is used for research around the gesture of carrying. What does it mean to carry, support, being carried and not wanting to carry anymore? These question will be explored in a physical, emotional and narrative aspect. 

Practical Information:

The workshop is suitable for adults or youngsters with mouvement experience.

Depending the number of participants ,the workshop is give by one or two artists .

(Jolanda Löllmann & Charlie Denat).


The workshop can be hold in French or in English. 

The duration of the workshop can be adapted.

For more information please contact us. 

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