The project Shortstories is a serie of different short pieces (20 minutes), solo and duo, which fuse puppetry, contemporary dance and physical theater organically together.

The pieces explore different forms of relations between the illusionary aspect of puppetry and the authenticity of a pure body expression.

The research is based on the idea to approach the manipulation of a puppet with our whole physical capacities, including dance, acrobatics and physical theatre. How can we manipulate while executing a wide range of movements? And how can we let the puppets manipulate us?


The stories that emerge out of our research talk about generations, the complex relation with ourselves, with our past, with our projections/illusion/ imagination.

Each piece reveals a different encounter and opens a door to a particular, multilayered way of expression.

The pieces of Shortstories invite the spectator to dive for a little moment  into a poetic universe of metamorphose where reality transforms into another dimension.


The pieces are suitable for all public and can be played in theatres, site specific venues and street Festivals.

Partenaires Résidences/ Co-production:

Département Aude

L’Espace Catastrophe (Be)-Co-production

La Verrerie d’Alès/PNC occitanie (30)-Co-production

Espace Culturel de Ferrals les Corbières (11)-Co-production

La Ville Billom (63)-Co-production

Occitanie en scène

Odradek/Compagnie Pupella-Noguès (31)

Festival Mondial des Théâtres des Marionnettes (08)

Wolubilis (Be),

Turbul (30)

Usinotopie (31)

Le Cellier de Felines Minervois (34)

Alma d’Arame (Pt)

Studio (42)

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