ShortStories is a trilogy of short pieces that are based on the research to combine two techniques. Contemporary dance (with a strong influence of acrobatics and physical theatre) and the art of object manipulation ( Human size puppets).

How can we use our physical capacities to give life to an object and to enter into a physical and emotional dialogue with it ? How can body and object enrich each other? And how can we nourish the physical present of a dancer with the illusionary aspect of puppet?

Through the constant switch of manipulating and being manipulated we challenge the audience to let go of their notion of what is real and what is imaginary and to dive into a poetic universe of metamorphosis.

To confront and share this research with an audience, we have chosen to create a trilogy of three short pieces (2 solos and 1 duo).

Each short piece reveals a different encounter between human body and artificial body, raising up the question of what makes our identity throughout different generations and different stages of life.

The pieces are combined as one evening show that take the audience on a travel through three different encounters.

The pieces can also be presented separately in theatre venues, street festivals or site specific venues.

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