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A voice of our common madness

A solo performance blending contemporary dance,acrobatics and physical theatre

Creation 2014 by Jolanda Loellmann

A woman,

Hesitating but tempted to dive into a universe where appearance prevails.

She stumbles into a spiral of uncontrolled superficiality, greedy assurance and hidden vulnerabilities.

Her quest: to find what is beyond the fiction of herself.

A voice of our common madness is a response to the observation that images seem to overrule existence nowadays. In a way, the power of an image guarantees and enhances the existence of what it represents rather than the other way around. With this confused relation between potentially artificial imagery and what we would like to believe is authentic existence, how can one develop a truthful identity and a sense of belonging? Springing up from this questioning, acrobatics, dance and theatre collide in a joyful game of


The performance is suitable for all ages.

It can be shown in spaces and venues suitable for dance as well as for theatre and circus.

Choreography and performance: Jolanda Löllmann

Music creation and adaption: Francois-Xavier Loucheur

Original music: Colleen, Iren Lovsaz

Outside eye: Ana Mondini (Constanza Macras/Dorkypark)

Length: 28 minutes

A Voice of our Common Madness has been created in Berlin, 2014, with the support of AdaStudio,

Theaterhausmitte and Tanzfabrik. It has been performed at AdaStudios (Berlin, premiere July 2014),

Ackerstadtpalast (Berlin), Lakestudios (Berlin), Thaterhausmitte (Berlin), Young Choreographers Festival

(Copenhagen), Cité Culture (Brussels) and Sign6 (Brussels).

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